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Ultimate Archery will have you ducking, dodging, and leaping for cover. Pierce a hole in your opponent’s flesh! JUST KIDDING, the arrows are NOT sharp, they are foam tipped. Played like dodgeball, players form two teams with the goal of hitting (tagging) all the opposing team with arrows. If you get tagged, you're out. The game ends when all members of one team have been eliminated.The rules are simple - don't get hit :)

Different variations of the game can be played:

Team Elimination - Team Backstab - Team Bullseye - Sheriff of Nottingham vs. Merry Men

Our Ultimate Archery:

  • uses foam tipped and face masks are always worn
  • is ambidextrous and made for indoor or outdoor use
  • is versatile with 15lb draw weight for children and 28lb draw weight for youth and adults

(We travel anywhere in the U.S.)

Ready to BeULTIMATE?

Booking an event with us is simple. Check out the options below then contact us. It's that easy. If your event requires an option not listed below, we are happy to discuss accommodations.

10 Bows + 10 Barriers + 20-30 Arrows + 10 Masks + 1 Referee

Additional hours may be added for $150/hour          Discount pricing available on additional sports