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It’s all in the name. This sport is the BOSS! From the moment you see it, you are awestruck by the sheer size of the court. When you climb up up on it, you can’t help but feel like you just fist-bumped your inner child. When you leap on the world’s best trampolines, you realize you are about to experience greatness. The game hasn’t even begun and you can hardly wait to be fully immersed in a sport that has you floating on air. Immediately after the first serve is called, you realize that your sport appetite will never again be satisfied quite like this. In this game points are called “bosses” and when you score in just the right way, it’s called “bossing” you opponent. The scoring system generates high stakes that have you holding your breath in suspense. When you finally succeed in bossing your opponent, your team will rupture with cheers. You now have fully experienced Ultimate Bossaball®.

Ultimate Bossaball® is played with two teams. It combines elements of volleyball, gymnastics, and soccer. It is played on an inflatable court with a trampoline inset on each side of the net. The trampolines allow players enough height to spike the ball for a dazzling score on the opponent. Ultimate Bossaball® satisfies the most competitive sports enthusiast, yet provides fun and excitement to those who don’t commonly play sports.

Ultimate Bossaball® is growing internationally and we are proud to be the only company in the United States that provides this sport. 

Our Bossaball courts are:

  • for indoor or outdoor use
  • for all age groups and sports abilities
  • high performance, strong, and elastic

(We travel anywhere in the U.S.)

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