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Our Ultimate Bubble Suits are commonly used in the most action-packed, laugh-till-it-hurts way to play soccer. It's safe for all ages with each player gearing up inside a giant inflated ball. Ultimate Bubble Soccer can be played outdoors on grass or turf, or in a gymnasium. Two teams each typically consist of five players each. Events with more than ten participants works great. This gives players an opportunity to rotate in and out as breaks are needed.

Ultimate Bubble Suits be also used for more casual play. Participants can enjoy spinning, rolling, somersaulting, and racing while wearing the suits. This activity has the ability to bring out anyone’s inner child.

Our Bubble Suits are:

  • made with high performance TPU offering strength, elasticity, and longevity
  • tough to puncture and will not pop or tear
  • for use indoors and outdoors, can be transported easily
  • great for all age groups and sports abilities

(We travel anywhere in the U.S.)

Ready to BeULTIMATE?

Booking an event with us is simple. Check out the options below then contact us. It's that easy. If your event requires an option not listed below, we are happy to discuss accommodations.

Option 1 -
Local Event
(Within 200 miles of Springfield,MO)

1 Hour


Option 2 -

1 Hour

$300 + Travel Charges

10 Bubbles + Goals + Soccer Balls + Cones + Referee

Additional Hours may be added for $150/hour            Discount pricing available on additional sports

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