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Our Company - 

BeULTIMATE Sports has a passion for developing and cultivating unique sports and a desire to see people have the best time of their life. We provide our unique sport attractions for any event allowing organizations and individuals to enhance the experience of their guests and participants.

We send a team to set up and run each event, and we can work with volunteers and staff provided by your organization. We have an excellent track record for safety and all our sports will have referees to explain and enforce all game rules. It is our goal to make your event ULTIMATE!


Our Values -

  • BeHONEST - In our interactions and transactions, we demonstrate honest business practices that allow us to create trusted relationships with our customers.
  • BePROUD - In both attitude and action, we lead our staff to take pride in their work.
  • BeQUALITY - Quality for us includes high performance design and materials, and maintaining high safety standards
  • BeEXCEPTIONAL - We are in the pursuit of excellent service from visual presentation to high-fives on the playing field. We want our customers to have an awesome experience that allows them to BeULTIMATE.
  • BeGENEROUS - Personally and professionally, we encourage generosity with our time and finances. We are committed to passing on blessings to other individuals and organizations